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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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fly. and the wildcats hold on. and 27-24. the catch maintaining. and a minute 25. and going this one am and they are just under a minute. and a and a half to going back to the playoffs. >> treister. and he nailed on that play. >> did the right thing. >> pulled up. and tried to get it to brusko. it is a tough play. and all over the place. and if you are maine, you are feeling good that your kids gave an effort. it is disa p pointing to lose. and if you are unh. you have pulled the proverbial rabbit out the hat. make sure you do nothing stupid here. > >> it is up to the 40. and still to the 35-yard line. and a guy who has had a very
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good day is mcmillion lap am and giving up. >> that should sock it away here. >> and now, they started up again. >> each came with two-time outs. >> maine has got two. >> unh, you are not snapping the ball. >> i am trying to figure out how they are and they sack td away. >> r.j. toman. will take the knee. >> this is gutsy by both teams. >> maine had the dietle for had. and were looking to go to the post season with maine. >> this club has dealt with a
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them of injuries. >> they come back. >> and within the conference. 5-5 overall. and jack cosgrove and the group had a lot to be thankful for. >> it might have been a holly feeling. and i played on the rhode island team that i played on that. >> and we within the north division title. and we didn't end up going to the playoffs that year. and ultimately. you want to win the division. and you want to go to the playoffs as well. for maine, it as tremendous feet in their cap to see we were the champions. and they would not have gone to the post season. >> and you are judged by. >> make it to the playoff it is. > en and doesn't make the loss any easier t. >> and i have been there. >> you get seven wins.
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and we lost to an ivy league in brown. >> we would have made it and had a chance to go. >> you get your nine earth pin. >> they may be playing a team they know very bell o or in worse center playing holy cross. >> this is a new hatch hatch game that won nine games. >> with all due respect here, the facility is not up to snuff. and if they won 11 and forced their way in. that's the case. and nca.a. told them. if they upgrade the facility. we will give you home games. en and shawn mcdonald has done the program. and the fact that the facility is in my opinion againing them from getting a home time.
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>> it as disservice for him working. >> and he played college football. understand the legendary bill bodes. >> he is a bill larkin at the university and very serious. >> he is certainly not looking for a bigger and better job. >> and we will go back for the seventh straight year. the musket will go back to the wildcats. and they will be looking to find out where they go. and the announcement show will take place tomorrow as the 60 teams are -- 16 teams are announced for the playoffs. >> one of the things we have to say to unh. and it is the way the wildcats came back in the contest. >> rj tomorrow man didn't have a better game. and through it twice. and fun issued with 14-25.
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and had theibilitier exception. and take a look at the 3rd down numberless. the catch for the down and still got the win. >> gut city job by them. >> they are a teen to be reckoned with. and steve young. defensive lineman didn't come back. and playing next week. and will be watching. >> but, carry, i believe. >> they can take on the personality of the coach. >> we saw them exude the personality. en and i asked him a before. >> and he aid are you kidding me. and toman is throwing that up. >> that's it. and the second year in a row, unh wildcats come back to
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defeat university of maine. it was 18 #-24. and this year it is 27-24. >> the cats defeat the university of maine. >> and 9-2 overall and they are the champs and they retain the muskets and they are headed to the muskets. they have the toughness. and for jack cosgrove, it as heck of a year. this is the toughest conference. in terms of football in the country t and you win as many as they have. >> they have done a heck of a job. en and it is any four of them could win the national championship. >> and real quick here, andy.
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>> after losing 29-48. two picks and two touchdowns. and mike brusko. 13 catches. 119-yard it is and a touchdown. and for them to do well. >> they are celebrating and moving on. number 1 in the north.
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. >> gary and andy back here as the wildcats come from behind to defeat the black bears. 27-24, andy. it was a terrific ball game and relive it and look at
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highlights. and maine draws first blood. mike brusko had a career day. he had a touchdown. 13 catches and 119 yards and one of the 13 grabs. and was a precursor of what was to come and ending his career to come. and request with the quarterback sneak and toman has the entire game and come up in the 4th quarter and it is a big play right here and landis williams had gone to the football. and another big play for maine and tied joins for a big one. and maine gets on the board. and we moved to the second half. >> the end around. and dontrelle peters surprises everybody. >> and look at the convoy escorting him for the easy touchdown. and there is pushaun brown and scoring for maine. >> maine was able to run the football and did a nice job. >> here is the field goal of 52 yards and second. in 50 yards plus the field goal
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of his career. >> talk about clutch. >> here it is. andy. you make the call. >> and that's a touchdown. and in my back. for mickey mangieri. >> let's take another look. mickey mangieri appears to have the ball and trevor comes you mean with it and the officials call it an interception for maine. >> it is stripped away and then, unh bouncing back and chad kackert with a big run. and scoring. and big touchdown for unh. and made it 27-24. and they go on to get what is a fcs clinching victory here in durham for the wildcats. >> very happy crowd here and it is the wildcats that win it. 27-24 in exciting fashion over the maine black bears. >> andy and i will have a final word coming up next.
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this is the caa game the week on comca in 1977, in johannesburg, south africa, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million.
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the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. . we were treated to a terrific ball game here at the university of new hampshire. and it is 27-24 over the university of maine. they played tough and wildcats took a rally and came back. and maine could not convert and move the ball over the field with two minutes to go. and it belongs to the unh. andy, final word from you.
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>> great job by maine. >> put forth an extremely valiant effort. and mike brusko to punt, the game of his life and ultimately, new hampshire hivs to play another day and going to the playoffs. >> they certainly have. next game coming up here on comcast. it is delaware on villanova. >> check your local listings for the game. as the telekastens. once again the new hampshire wildcats win the division and they are going to the playoffs. we would like to thank our entire staff and production crew. thanks for watching everybody. stand by. delaware and villanova coming everybody. stand by. delaware-villanova comg up.
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welcome to another addition of washington post live weekend presented by the tkpwroepb turtle sports bar and grille. we'll look back at some of the biggest rivalries in the area including -- wise guy has words on the redskins cowboys rivalry and a personal note and i catch up with political journalist wolf blitzer as he gives us his thought on the wizards cavaliers show down. all that and more starts right now on the washington post live weekend.
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thanks for tuning into washington post live weekend presented by the greene turtle. every game for the redskins is huge but nothing compares to the rivalry with the dallas cowboys. we take a look back at dallas week as our panel gives us their views and opinions on the heated rivalry. you don't like the cowboys? that's obvious. >> well, i don't know if it's fair to say that. in that i don't play against the cowboys anymore. >> but you did. >> absolutely and hated them with a passion when we played them because they were standing in the way of what we wanted to do and nothing personal i guess. their fans, that's a different issue. i have fun with them because their dill louisal. the collective iq of about six. so i see myself not as a hater, but as a man who's really trying to extend the olive branch to help those who need help.
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>> trevor, your first taste of the rivalry as a player, what was that like? >> the first time i played in texas stadium during a 12-year career was as a redskin and i went out early to pregame warm up and walked to by myself next to the star. i didn't step on the star as a measure of respect for the cowboys. i looked up at the ceiling, the open roof and looked at the ring of honor and looked at all the great names in the ring of honor and i stood there next to the star and paid them respect. then went out and thorough lyly slashed them. whenever a cowboy could come out of the tunnel, they would stop the pop music they were playing, the rock music on the speakers and play this roman trumpet gladiator fanfare. here comes a cowboy and i was just like get over yourselves.
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you're a football player and that helped me get over the respect of the cowboys and get back where doc was. >> doc, is there one particular memory you have with your rivalry with the cowboys? >> yeah, there's two things. i think growing up, you're watching the '72 championship games and garson being stopped and i grew up watching briggs and that was big. then in '83 we play them and the winner goes to the super bowl and part of the staff mentioned they weren't going to dallas, they were going straight to the rows bowl and changed those plans. they went home and our crowd went nuts and it was probably the greatest game ever played here and you have those memories. whenever the super bowl is on the line, their butts get kicked and get sent home. now all this regular season they talk about the streaks or
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whenever. when it matters most, almost like the cavaliers, it's reversed. >> part of the reasons the cowboys have faded in november and december is because teams get the book on them for the season and defense figures out what they're doing and that is part of it, but also i think the redskins do carry over a lot from last week. this is the first time this entire season they can feel good about the performance of their offensive line and running game. jason campbell was able to complete 63% of his passes because the running game lit it up. they ran the ball 40 times and i think as long as the offensive line is able to perform. they don't have to dominate the cowboys. they can't come mate the front 7. if they're able to engage blocks and betz hits the line, they'll have a chance and that's their only plan. >> no portis in that game.
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we assumed that wasn't going to happen. get the concussion right. you have a life to live 15 years from now. get that right and ladell betts is in there. >> when you practice with the offensive line good things often happen, right? one of the things we admire the toughness of clinton portis. he's a warrior and the way he picks up blitzes but if you can't practice i can't believe they're allowed to play. this is not a monarchy, who is the best player? ladell has shown you if you're out there practicing with whatever is in front of you and been a banged up offensive line and you're the most effective guy, why aren't you get thing majority of the carries? >> the redskins may be in the process of turning things around but navy has exceeded all
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expectations. here's coach with john fine steen talking about this season. >> let's go back to the navy notre dame game. there a lot of people cheering for navy like they went there even though maybe people don't know where it is and you got it done. what was the feeling like when you got on the plane and went home after that game? >> i can't remember. we were definitely on cloud 9 and trying to reflect on what our kids did, how hard they battled. there's so many great moments in that game and so many game changing moments in that game and we were ecstatic and i was so, so excited for our young men. they battled and that was a good notre dame team. >> it's a team that people were saying they were a bcs type team and this was a game they had to have and a case of them overlooking navy. they beat them two years. >> they did overlook them and that was a big mistake.
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>> you think they did? >> no, i don't think so at all. i think they understood they had -- navy came out and took it to them and kenny went for 4th down twice and picked it up both times because charlie and his coaches are so brilliant, they didn't cover the center on 4th and 1 and kenny went straight up the middle with ricky dobbs and picked up the first downs and kenny won't say this. the navy kids were great and played great. he and his staff completely outcoached charlie and his staff and there's been whining that's come out of south bend since that game because those guys are bad losers and bad people but kenny and his guys from top to bottom deserve that win. >> it was a great win and then i thought the tougher task that coaches have to deal with is after a big win getting their guys refocussed and going right back into a tough one and delaware is not a bad team.
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they're a team that put up a fight against you. was it difficult to get them refocus and had how were you able to do? >> all we can do is try to tell them what's coming and what's to be expected but ultimately those are the guys on the field and preached all week and a lot of the guys were in the '07 game and know how good this team is. we're 1-2 against them the last couple of years and we preached all week do not get complacent. this is a very, very good delaware team and unfortunately it took us a half to realize that and we were able to pull it out in the second half. >> it was a delaware team playing for their lives and they're on the bubble for the ncaa playoffs. you talk about a bubble and teams getting in and not getting in. if they had been able to win that game it might have clinched a spot and it was a huge game for delaware. >> you're in the second year there. when you were hired it was interesting because paul johnson had been so successful and a guy
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you played for in hawaii and an assistant for a long time and a lot of people said okay, can they continue this success. justly he got a lot of credit for that and you've been able to pick up where that left off. that was a lot of pressure on your shoulders when you took the job. >> i didn't look at the pressure. that comes with the territory. i know we have great assistants on our staff. some guy that is have been in the program. >> i like the ivan guy. >> he's a good guy. good name. there were great coaches and knew what it took to win and i didn't care whose idea it was. i knew what coach johnson was working and i was going to follow it. i wasn't worried about creating my own mark on the program. i just wanted to win and i knew what he was doing won. he's one of the most respected name in politics and i chat with a man who every day
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runs the situation room. my interview with wolf blitzer is next on washington post live presented by the greene turtle.
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>> welcome back. if you like any of what you've seen over the past half hour, check us out every day on washington post live presented by the tkpwroepb turtle for the best in sports talk and on mondays and fridays through 5 and 11:30 on comcast sportsnet. before we go, take a look back on the week that was on dvr rewind. here's my main problem with al this week. we care, they don't. >> you have to run more plays and go longer, there's more chances for a mistake.
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>> you guys are better than i am. i got this. olympics here i come. oh, sorry, sorry. never mind. >> we don't want to see them grabbing people by the hair. i don't have a problem with it. it's the next level of sports for women. >> i'm appalled that you're saying this. i'm not sure i like you anymore. >> they would have never gotten in a bowl game. >> i noticed you started the show off with an attractive woman that's smarter than us. it's good for ratings. >> i would rather score touchdowns. >> yeah, i know and i would rather make five more times money. >> we'll be coming back to you in a little bit. thanks for joining us, man. congratulations. >> hey, you said ken right.
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good for you. i was worried about ken. >> if i ever need a lawyer, can i call you? >> my man. >> i disagree. let me tell you why, i hate to agree with wise about anything. >> my hope is that the bills and redskins both are winning and both come to a super bowl. >> go tackle the guy with the ball. he made a good point. >> wise made a point. >> dan snyder joins me and you're not a big fight fan but there's a -- >> did you say dan snyder? >> we'll go back to the tape and listen. >> did i really?
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welcome home, man. girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic.
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all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems [ car starting ] >> allen iverson! >> i'm so far different from the guys. i'm very brief. >> you look at allen. you say, hey, there's a free- spirit guy. >> iverson. >> allen's life is a dream come true. . >> where i go, i hear about it the next day, like anywhere! >> a think a big part of al is he doesn't try to appeal to anybody. he does what he does. >> i heard the legend of bubba chuck. >> one of the best that ever played basketball. >> what's up? i'm allen iverson and we're in here talking. this is my life, 365.
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when you talk about allen iverson it's better to talk negative. ♪ >> i took the team and gave it back to the fans. >> i put it in back. catch him again. >> people that don't understand -- i guess -- they probably understand it but they try not to understand it because, you know, when you talk about allen iverson, it's better to talk about something negatively. more headlines and bold print like allen iverson having a dispute with a coach or missing practice -- that's the big headline. but i understand it. i accept it. a person has a perception of you -- that's what you're going to be and my whole thing is not trying to convince somebody i'm
3:32 pm
a good person, that i care. i care about if people think a good guy -- i would be lying if i said i want everybody to think i am the devil. >> right. >> but i don't go out of my way to prove that i am. >> right. >> you know, a good person. >> being a role model is not something that -- you can choose. you're chosen. >> yeah. >> you're chosen to be that. what i hear you saying is that as you have grown, you have kind of realized that a little bit. >> i'm 33 -- i don't do the same things i did, you know, when i was 23. >> right. you would be a fool if you did. >> stone cold fool. i don't do those things no more. i still make mistakes. still human. i still look back on things that -- damn, i wish i didn't do it that way. i wish i did it another way. >> as it stand, allen iverson is a convicted man, required by law to be in jail. >> that time was very
3:33 pm
southwesting. you talk about time where it was a situation happening in a bowling alley and you know allen with his friend. and that bowling alley situation there -- he had one of the biggest problems you could have. he had a problem -- a situation was a fight and now the fight -- it was a racial fight. >> i've seen young people convicted for crimes they have not commit over and over again. >> they charged allen. that was an count that -- 50 years ago. >> maiming by mob. >> back in the day, they had mentioned it went back and they looked at this maiming by mob. >> what us the climate like when allen gets sentenced to now he has to do jail time?
3:34 pm
what was the climate like in that time period? >> tense. i mean, i don't know how else -- tense. the system and incarcerated this young, ambulance male. >> what was it like when you saw him walking out in handcuffs? >> one of the worst days in my life. i felt so betrayed. by our city government. that certified charges. against -- four young men who -- i fell, they knew were not guilty of what they had been charged with. >> never been in trouble. no priors. and he walks out with 15 years
3:35 pm
and had to serve five. and it just -- went away in handcuffs. you would say it's over. at that time you would say no way. never come back from this. >> what was going on when you were in there? >> scary. that's -- that's what comes in my mind off the top when i think of that situation -- square where. not scared of another inmate or another man or any cos. scared of not having another opportunity to accomplish my goal. being a professional athlete. you know, i thought it was taken away from me and it was tough. just hoping for an opportunity -- i was in there for almost four months and for the first month, you know, my lawyers had me thinking i was going to come
3:36 pm
home every single day for a month, like, tomorrow -- i think it will be the day. you're coming home. that day go by. then the next day -- and it went on for a month. >> how did doug wilder impact your life? >> [ sighs ] he kept me out of jail. he got me out of jail. state of clemency. that's important, too, because he still had that on the record. i think he looked at the case, you know, saw all the inconsistencies. the unfair treatment. and he made a decision based on what he felt was right. >> did he make you promise him anything when you get out? >> no. you know what? he did by letting me out. i felt that he fell that by
3:37 pm
letting me out i would make the best of my situation. i'm pretty sure he knew what type of athlete i was and that i had a chance to do something positive with my god-given aibilityd. >> announcer: coming up -- >> this is an educational institution and religious institution. if education and religious john can't give a person another chance, whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwh
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this is a great car. show me the carfax. i'll give you $500 off. show me the carfax. i'll throw in the oil changes. just show me the carfax. a carfax report can help you choose a great used car. it's free at thousands of reputable dealers. just say, show me the carfax! >> describe your cause --
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>> someone that actually saved my life. we wouldn't be in here doing this interview if it weren't for john thompson. wouldn't be no all- star games. wouldn't be no millions of dollars. wouldn't be no nba finals, first team all- nba scoring titles. first pick. wouldn't have been -- none of that. >> explain how he saved your life. >> because he gave me an opportunity when everybody turned it back on me. >> how did allen get to georgetown? was it a recruiting process? >> what happened is that a committee of people from the area contacted me through boo williams and said they wanted to come up and talk to me about allen iverson. this i talked personally with some colleges at that time and big name coaches said, i cannot take him. because my president would not let him in. >> i was recruited by everybody.
3:40 pm
in the country. everybody. in both sports -- every single school in the country. and football and basketball. when i got in my situation, in high school, it was over. nobody else -- every single school. every single school. stopped writing, stopped calls. only a couple colleges we could think of -- and it was more than colleges but people. you had john thompson and you had john cheney. you had to have somebody strong enough -- first of all, they will come after you, the media. >> they were worried about his well-being and, you know, really, his safety because when they came up to visit me, there was an interesting thing that happened. i was not showing as much interest, obviously, as she would have liked me -- mrs. iverson -- would have liked me to have shown and asked the
3:41 pm
other people to get out of the room. they asked them would they leave. i would like to talk with coach. when they left, she said that, you know, they're gonna hurt my kid. i don't think she meant in the literal sense somebody would shoot or attack him in that matter but i think she meant it was her life saving thing she was trying to pursue for her son and was in tears. >> my mom came up here to d.c. and met with them and -- you know, after that, you know, i had another opportunity in life. i think god put him into my life. >> people deserve a chance, as long as they take advantage of it. that's one of the things i said to allen. i'm willing to go along with this but you've got to respond. i'm not going to compromise the school. i'm not going to compromise myself if you don't do the
3:42 pm
things you're supposed to do. >> mike, how much of a risk was it for georgetown, given everything that allen had been through, to take allen? >> i remember thinking at the time, you know, it is a risk. yet, yet i know from talking to coach it wasn't as much of a risk as for some places. it wasn't as big a risk for a state system. private schools have the support. >> once your dad made a judgment -- this was a young man we were willing to give an opportunity to and to have a say in his development, we were prepare to take on that challenge. >> to see him sign at georgetown and go play basketball for coach thompson was one of the most happiest days of my life. because i knew then that he
3:43 pm
would be okay. >> what adjustment did you have to make from a coaching standpoint, coaching someone like allen iverson? >> i had to consider his well- being a person, how he played as a basketball player. because allen is a guy who is so talented you got to give him the opportunity to express his ability. >> he put me in a position to be on the basketball court, you know, before then talk about georgetown being a big man at school and a guard, you know, playing in thatel is. i was successful in that system. so obviously he knew what he was doing. ♪ >> whoa! >> smooth! >> iverson, reverse lay-up. >> iverson has it. >> you're older now and
3:44 pm
obviously you still have a relationship. you done talk as much. do you miss him? >> i feel like it's better when i don't talk to him because when i do, i miss him more and when i see him, i miss him that much more. because, you know, i know you know, but what people that see him from afar -- all they see is, from coaching basketball, is big john. big dude. he yelling and this, that, and the third. just him being so authentic, real, bill from a different cloth like telling you the way i is. >> sometimes what you say doesn't sound right. sometimes it doesn't fit into today's society because everybody in today's society are not going to be the first pick in the draft. they're not going to be a millionaire. so i couldn't afford to let him think that if he slacked back
3:45 pm
some that i was going to understand that. >> he would talk -- straight face -- you up here. eating three times a day. you sleeping in your warm room. you got a light. warm water. >> your mom is down there in tidewater wondering where the next meal is coming from and where the heat bill coming from. >> they might not eat today. they don't have lights or warm water. >> this lady who loves you dearly is down there suffering a hell of a lot of hardships than you are so don't bring that [ bleep ] in here to me. >> you want to ruin your opportunity? you know, and right there i was -- you know, i was about bawling because it was reality. if you mess this situation up, after she came up here and she didn't come up here, you wouldn't be in this situation but you going toes me this opportunity up to be able to take care of them --
3:46 pm
while you up here living it up and not doing what you supposed to do -- it's like that. i can get myself right on that straight line. >> announcer: coming up -- >> i worked real hard to get here. contribute to coach thompson, my family and friend. without them i wouldn't be here.
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
>> the first pick in the 1996 nba pick, the philadelphia 76ers select allen iverson from georgetown university. >> i see how excited fans get all over the world. nothing like philly. that's what sports is about. when you think of sports, you think of philadelphia fans. all fans should be like philly fans. as far as their dedication and how they feel about their sport -- they love their sport and stick with their team till the end. >> you coach two number one
3:49 pm
picks in the draft, two guys that were multiall- stars in that league. that has to make you proud. >> well, it makes me real proud because i think a lot of the thicks you do are segmented. you want people to graduate and be good students and decent human beings but successful in the profession they're in. >> the people that play in philadelphia should cherish that, man, and should really feel good about the sport they have. it's definitely thick in that gym. i had my ups and downs towards the end. i really think after all those years, you know, some of the ones that loved me to death were getting fed up with all the bull that was going on involving me, you know. i think some my fall. >> i have been through too much to let somebody with a pen
3:50 pm
and paperer and a microphone and a camera kill me or dry allen iverson crazy. >> some people in the organization. >> if allen feels you know, he doesn't want to practice and wants to play, it just doesn't work any longer. >> i think the toughest thing for a black man to do is think before he reacts. think when he angry. that's what the whole practice thing came from. in here talking about practice. i mean, listen. we talking about practice. not a game. not a game. not a game. we talking about practice. instead of me, you know, calming down -- >> right. >> -- and before i do the press conference i will go in the press conference young and crazy and just rant. >> you reacted. >> react. and now it's so different. when i'm involve in a situation, i make sure that i
3:51 pm
know they're coming for me and they will ask questions that will make me mad but it's about being intelligent enough and experienced enough to know how to handle the situation and do it the right way without making one story bigger because of how you reacted to, you know, the situation. >> announcer: coming up -- >> visit authenticness -- there's an authenticity about allen that really catches people.
3:52 pm
>> allen iverson! >> getting traded is part of being in the nba. when you got traded, talk a little bit about the transition
3:53 pm
and how that experience. >> i thought i would be a sixer for the rest of my career. and this is my -- you know, second stop after that. the first time it was rough. it was rough. just for the fact that my kids had been accustomed to being -- my two older kids -- had been accustomed to philly. that's all they ever knew. and this time it was even tougher. on me, it was tougher on my kids. after awhile, they had got accustomed to being in denver but for me as a player quick always look at it like, you know, the team that trades for you, they want you. >> right. >> no better feeling to have an organization that wants you. and 20,000 more fan that embrace you.
3:54 pm
it was cool to leave but as far as my family, my kids, they struggled with it. my wife was cool with it. and after awhile, once my kids got better, i'm cool with it. >> the point guard position in basketball is a tough position. how has it been leaving point guard system and set of place you have to run in denver to now detroit? >> when i got here, i played point guard in the beginning. now that's going to change. a different situation. i'm usually having the ball and bringing it up in the fourth quarter and not so much the first, second, and third. it's just different. it's hard. you have to be accountable for everybody else. and two, two guards both score. that's something i know i can do. >> gives a great appreciation for the game and other that come before him and he is somebody i admire on the court and off the court.
3:55 pm
as a player, man of heart. as teammate, you know, does what it takes to win. and as a person, you know, a good all- around cat, you know. most people would have got conceited but he a regular everyday cat. >> 15 year ago to when i met you now you never care what had people's perception are of you. did that hurt you you have not tried to mold people into thinking or believing you're a certain way? >> my friend, the fans that are real, true, live allen iverson fans take the time to analyze and understand and realize that i'm a human. i make mistakes. >> there's an authenticness, an authenticity, about allen that really catches people. it really attracts them. it's not, you know, a singular
3:56 pm
appeal. it doesn't appear to one type of person. you can't just say, allen iverson appeals to the hip hop community. that's wrong. has people's tastes and sensibility change and tolerance changes, the appeal became this guy plays 100 miles per hour every night and brings joy although he is not smiling irvine johnson so there's an appeal at different levels and he became a pied piper. >> you have a scholarship program where you have endowments set up with colleges and also you have given over hundreds of thousands of dollars to the gun buyback program in newport news, virginia. people don't always want to know that aspect of allen iverson. >> i have a chance to make a difference. if i changed one life, i didding many. if i put somebody in school, help themselves and their
3:57 pm
family and buying a gun back and get a gun off the street, $100,000, $100 a gun, you can get a lot off the streets. >> once he turned professional, okay, one things he wanted to give other kids was the mind set they could dream as well. that was the first thing and the first celebrity that we did. it was very easy for us to come up with our slogan -- developing the dreams of tomorrow. i know allen wanted kids to think more. when you hear him talk about young people, when you hear him talk about kids, who wants to be the next allen iverson -- he want them to be better than allen iverson. >> just for the fact i'm able to do that, you know, for somebody else, and there's a
3:58 pm
big thing for me. i don't need a write up in the paper or anything. just a thank you from them or not even that -- just knowing they appreciate because it's helping them. >> it make you feel damn good. you sit and say, uh-huh. look at that rebound and him run that court. look at allen drop 40 on them suckers. >> i just carry it out to the fullest. >> practice? what? [ laughter ] we talking about practice? >> when you saw isaiah take 80 stitches from the head from karl malone and he played next week, you knew. >> you have to look at somebody in your family and the mistakes they made -- look at the mistake you made in your life and look in the mirror and say,
3:59 pm
and look in the mirror and say, well, why judge oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.


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